Hatten Wine Adventure

Your adventure journey could start in our Cellar door located in Sanur Bali for experiences different wines and the fun pairing session or journey to the other side of Bali visiting our vineyard with a full day journey to visit from land to the glass experience. We could arrange it all for you or we can welcome you in our Vineyard. Please see the packages offer for you:

Adventure at The Cellardoor

Comparative Wine Tasting

Discover the characteristic of each still wines (White, Red and Rose) from Bali and Australia. Enjoy the whole experience of wine tasting  for these wines:

- Hatten Aga White – Two Islands Reisling
- Hatten Age Rose – Two Island Rose
- Hatten Aga Red – Two Island Grenache

Sweet Wine Lover Tastings

Relish and Sweeten up the moment with our sweet wine selections from Bali and Australia. Get the sweetest winr tasting exprience
for this wines :

- Hatten Sweet Alexandria
- Hatten Sweet Syrah
-Hatten Pino De Bali
- Dragonfly Moscato
- Dragonfly Cabernet Shiraz

Bali Wine Tasting

Taste the Essence of Bali in Every Sip

- Hatten Sweet Alexandria
- Hatten Aga White
- Hatten Aga Rose
- Hatten Sweet Syrah
- Hatten Aga Red
- Hatten Pino De Bali

Adventure at Vineyard

Wine-Break at Vineyard

Tour of the Hatten Vineyard follow with Wine Tasting at the Vineyard

Inclusions :
- Local Guide
- Entrance fee
- 3 Glass of Wine Tasting

Wine-Break with Lunch

Tour of the Hatten Vineyard follow with Luncheon at the Vineyard.

Inclusions :
- Local Guide
- Entrance fee
- 3 Glass of Wine Tasting
- Indonesia Rijsttafel inclusive 1 glass of wine

T&C: Minimal participant for this function is 10 Pax

Full-Day Wine Escape

Package itinerary :
Trip to Hatten Vineyard , visit to Ulundanu Temple & morning coffee,  Tour of the Hatten Vineyard follow with Luncheon at the Vineyard , Travel Back to Sanur and stop by at Vihara Dharma Giri

Inclusions :
- Transfer hotel- Hatten Cellardoor - Hotel  
- Full day transportation  with AC
- Local Guide and driver
- Entrance fee & Coffee Break to Ulundanu Temple
- Vineyard Tour follow with lunch & tasting
- Entrance fee to Vihara Dharma Giri

For special program arrangement and group booking, Please Contact Us

Our Story

Our Island

Our Wines

Dewi Sri

Professionally distilled since 1968 in Sanur, Bali, the arak and brem rice wines of Dewi Sri offer a true taste of traditional Bali. Quality controlled by professionals.

The Dewi Sri company is a professional producer of local Balinese rice wines and rice spirits. Founded in 1968, the Dewi Sri company produces the traditional Arak and Brem Bali wines, made from fermented rice. Found at religious ceremonies and on local tables, the rice wines and spirits of Dewi Sri are a symbol of quality and skilled winemaking in the traditional way. Ideal for mixing cocktails and famous for being the base of the Arak Attack cocktail, these wines are the true taste of traditional Bali.

Dragon Fly

Selected carefully from the premium vineyards of South Australia, Dragonfly Wine is a sweet and sexy wine, best enjoyed anytime, anywhere.
Add Dragonfly wines to your list of great sweet wines, for it is made carefully by our Oenologist, James Kalleske, who after years of research have succeeded in perfecting the taste & quality of Dragonfly Wines.

Two Islands Reserve

Excellence in Winemaking

Launched in 2016, our TWO Islands Reserve range of four standout wines represents our premium offering of modern Australian wines.
Made with grapes from hand-selected vineyards in South Australia’s most sought-after viticultural regions, the wines are vinified in our home winery in Sanur, Bali.
Our Barossa-born winemaker James Kalleske works closely with our growers in the Adelaide Hills, Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, and Limestone Coast to create wines that express the true character of these fabled regions.

Two Islands

South Australian grapes, vinified in Bali

TWO Islands produces modern Australian wines from our island winery in Sanur, Bali. Founded by Ida Bagus Rai Budarsa—the man behind sister brand, Hatten Wines—TWO Islands began production in 2007 with just four wines.
The goal was to offer a consistent supply of import-quality products at better value than the heavily-taxed imported alternatives.
Today, Barossa-born winemaker James Kalleske oversees the production of nine authentic and thoughtfully made wines, sourcing fruit from single vineyards across South Australia’s most iconic wine regions.

Hatten Wines

100% Bali Grown and Made

Beginning with a single product a rosé made from Bali’s heritage grape variety, Alphonse Lavallée his goal was to put local wine on the global map.
Today, our award-winning range spans 10 wines, showcasing both heritage and international grape varieties all grown in our North Bali vineyards. We hope you enjoy our little taste of paradise.

Hatten Wines Vineyard

Our vineyards are dotted between the villages of Seririt and Sanggalangit on Bali’s picturesque northern coast. The rich volcanic soils are perfect for supporting our three growth cycles per year and the cooling ocean breezes help to mediate the hot and humid climate.

It is here that we run the island’s most extensive viticultural research and development programme, and have conducted trials on more than 50 different international grape varieties. As well as managing our own vineyards, we work with a network of local farmers and now cultivate ten grape varieties, from Bali’s own Muscat St. Vallier to noble varieties like Syrah.


Deep Alluvial, Volcanic


≺ 50 Metres






3 Times per Year

The Cellardoor Bali

Private Dining Room

Hatten Education Center

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